Veganuary at Rabble x Vegan Edi


Veganuary at Rabble

with @Vegan_edi

We invited the wonderful Vegan food blogger, Emma Bathgate, in to try some of our Vegan options and discuss the Vegan community and support around Edinburgh for anyone looking to make the change and try Veganism!


Do you feel January is a good month for anyone looking to go Vegan and what advice do you have to help motivate anyone wanting to try Veganuary?

Any month is a good month to go vegan, but January is particularly good because lots of food businesses tend to launch new products for people trying Veganuary. My advice to anyone trying vegan for the first time is be patient with yourself. It might be a challenge to start with, but it gets easier with time. Don’t worry if you slip up. Everyone makes mistakes, just forgive yourself and keep going.


Do you enjoy running your @Vegan_edi account and who/what inspired you to start it?

I started Vegan Edinburgh back in 2016. I had just gone vegan the previous year, but I still loved to eat out. Back then there was only one fully vegan restaurant in Edinburgh, but I knew I could find other places that were willing to cater for vegans. I started exploring the Edinburgh’s foodie scene and used the website to document my travels. I love running the website and my Instagram account, because people come up to me all the time and tell me how useful they are. That makes all the work worth it!


Do you feel the vegan community is strong in Edinburgh and when you are eating out, do you feel most places are accommodating of this?

It’s well documented that Edinburgh is one of the most vegan-friendly places in the UK. There has been a huge sea-change in the last couple of years, and now I never struggle when I eat out. Everyone knows what veganism is and restaurants are always more than willing to cater for me. There is a very strong vegan community in Edinburgh.

We even have a Meetup group that gathers every couple of weeks – vegans and not-yet-vegans welcome!




What did you enjoy most about your visit to Rabble Edinburgh?

The vegan wine! Vegan wine lists in restaurants can be difficult to come by and I think there is still a bit of a knowledge gap with some bar staff (some are surprised when I tell them wine isn’t normally vegan). I was delighted to hear that Rabble has a selection of vegan wine, and all the friendly staff were clued up about it. I enjoyed a glass of lovely Sauvignon Blanc and it went well with my vegan feast.


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