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David, as the vision behind the relaunch of Rabble, are you happy with the outcome?

Yes, indeed. It was a huge undertaking and I have to start by thanking everyone involved in the build, especially Jim Hamilton Design and Francey Shop Fitters who we work closely with. I began gathering inspiration around two years ago so it has been quite a journey to get to where we are today. We knew we wanted to completely rework the entire space, creating a lighter, open feel. By removing the internal walls and designing a central, oval bar it instantly allows the atmosphere to flow.


Where did your inspiration come from?

I enjoy traveling and reading so a lot of my inspiration in naturally present in my surroundings. A recent trip to New York confirmed the ‘rough luxe’ concept we were working on. A visit to Moleta Munro helped secure some of the finer details, including chairs, lighting and room accessories for the hotel.

We work with the best chefs and bar curators to create menu’s that are unique to Rabble. You have to take into consideration what is on the menu, to ensure that the balance between design and offerings are coherent.


What area’s do you feel have worked best?

There are many aspects of the design that have exceeded our expectations but the long table has changed the way people interact at Rabble. During the day freelance creatives and bloggers work from it, families eat around it at the weekend and in the evening it becomes a central hub for drinks. The oval bar also looks spectacular. Not only from a design viewpoint but it allows for a more casual dining experience with place settings at the bar. We want Rabble to be about changing the way people socialise. There are spaces that allow for intimate dining but also areas that are for groups. In New York, Copenhagen and Berlin people enjoy eating fresh, superior food in a relaxed fashion, around the bar, and that is what we hope Rabble is offering Edinburgh.

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