Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de mayo started off as a celebration of Mexico City being liberated from the French army back in 1863. The Mexican army were the underdogs with less than half the numbers of the well-equipped French army, however they won the battle and reclaimed their home. Since 1867 this celebration has changed to focus more on Mexican culture and heritage rather than this one battle. Although important to Mexico, this celebration became popular in America in the 1950s, especially California and now the day is associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture.

Another aspect of Mexican culture is (of course) their famous tequila! One of the nation’s most famous alcoholic drinks for decades - and what better tequila to drink than the global superstar Patron? Taking great care and consideration into each bottle to ensure every bottle is as smooth and fine as the next, Patron is one of our favourites at Rabble.

So, in true Mexican style we celebrated with a few tequilas! To honour the celebration, we served cocktails with a Mexican twist - The Matador, Tommy’s Margarita and our Rabble twist on a classic margarita - all featuring the legendary Patron tequila and went down very well with our guests!

Plus, who doesn't love to drink from a cute mini Patron bottle?

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