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Today we are interviewing Jamie Mac, who was tasked with creating the concept of our new drinks menu. As a man who knows a thing or two about cocktails, he was our number one choice.

Tell us where the inspiration came from for the new Rabble drinks menu?
I wanted to combine the love of the original Ricks Bar with the delivery of a new identity. I looked back at what made Ricks special and took inspiration from some of the earlier drinks and recreated those flavours with modern adaptions. 

What’s your favourite cocktail? How do you make it?
Probably a Daiquiri. Simple. Classic. Shaken hard and icy cold. Try it with some 'better' sugars other than white sugar. 

What is the most experimental cocktail on the Rabble menu?
Probably the Black Olive Martini. This is a modern adaption of the 'dirty martini'. Fat washed and filtered it's a balance on each component part to balance the dryness against the umami flavour. 

Tell us about the new ‘Appledog’ cocktail?
How simple and delicious. Blended Malt Whisky and fresh Granny Smith apples! 
"An apple a day..."

What is unique about the Edinburgh bar scene? 
The people and standards. We look at other cities and styles but I believe we carve our own pathway in creating our own styles of bartending, drinks and service. Just take a look at the level of global bartending alumni that has come through Edinburgh and you’ll see just how special the city scene is.

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